Ridgewood Condo Association Documents

This page contains links to PDF's of several documents related to the Ann Arbor Ridgewood Condominium Association. Among these are the Owner's Handbook (which was updated in 2020) and several revisions of the legal documents related to Ridgewood: the Master Deed, the Condominium Bylaws, and the Association Bylaws. There are also a number of maps and other documents that are related to Ridgewood.


The Owner's Handbook is the document that each resident is given when they purchase a condo at Ridgewood. It consists of 6 sections:

The handbook was updated and revised in 2020 to include the revision of the Master Deed and By-Laws. The version of these documents in the handbook is essentially the same as the version referenced above.


The Master Deed and both sets of bylaws were revised in 2019. This revision is available in the revised Owner's Handbook and here:


The following documents are previous revisions and other documents that might be of interest.

Last updated: January 10, 2023